About EventWorks

Eventworks is a group of students who produce cutting edge events throughout the year that excite the senses, inspire change, and simultaneously entertain and educate. Culminating in an annual month-long festival of multimedia and performing arts, Eventworks is completely run by students of the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) at MassArt. SIM students run all aspects of the production: curating, directing the technical operations, generating and maintaining mailing lists, and creating publicity. Because they operate within SIM they have access to a vast collection of professional theater and arts equipment, and to flexible-use performance spaces at the campus (like the Pozen Center for Interrelated Media).

In 1977, SIM students conceived of and held the first Eventworks, then an international festival of film and music. It was founded to provide venues for new experimental works and to create a link between the college environment and the professional art world. In the years since, Eventworks has presented over three hundred artists working in music, installation, film, video, performance, dance, sound, spoken word, and more. Eventworks produces events in spaces and places within the MassArt campus as well as in theaters, galleries, and cultural centers throughout the metro-Boston area. Each year’s festival reflects the themes and personalities that emerge from the production team and is always new!

About SIM

SIM is an incubator

It is a place that generates the kinds of ideas with the potential to grow into entirely new art forms. The artists in The Studio for Interrelated Media[SIM] combine the study of many media by pursuing the representation of their ideas with the most appropriate media for each idea. This process often results in the extending, reshaping, and breaking of boundaries. SIM is project- and concept-centered and depends on the exchange of experience, knowledge and curiosities of a diverse community of students and faculty.

In SIM courses students present, perform and produce creative works. The intention is to help students recognize and articulate their artistic ideas. They then study the media necessary to realize their work. Media and form are two of many aesthetic decisions that SIM artists make. Most important is the concept. The faculty is committed to helping students develop their concepts while gaining proficiency in the media necessary to realize them.

The backbone of the SIM program is the SIM Major Studio course. This is a studio in which all members of the program meet together in one space, share SIM community news, learn to collaborate, as well as present artwork and refine constructive critique skills. Individuals and groups present and discuss work in media of their choice such as audio, video, computer, performance, publishing, and production of events that interrelate media. Each week, these presentations are organized and produced by students who select, schedule and technically support the presentations.

The Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) is a department of the Massachusetts Collage of Art and Design.

Contact Us:

Email: eventworks@massart.edu


Phone: 617-879-7726

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